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Hello, my name is Anisa. Welcome to my site about automotive maintenance and repairs. My vehicles remain in good condition due to the way I approach the maintenance process. I closely follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on timing or mileage intervals to ensure the parts are replaced on schedule. I also make sure to use the highest quality fluids to keep the parts running cool. I will use this site to explore all of the procedures you will need to complete to keep your car in good running condition. I will also talk about common repair techniques you can use to restore worn or damaged parts. Thanks for visiting.


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5 Advantages Of Purchasing A Sleeper Cab Semi Truck With Extra USB Ports

In the past, getting power from your semi truck used to rely on car adapters, a bunch of cables, and connections to auxiliary power units (APU). Advances in technology have made it a lot easier to plug in devices, especially modern electronics that use a USB connection. As you shop for a semi truck, you want to consider the number of power options in both the front cab and the sleeper. By purchasing a truck with extra USB plugs, you will have a lot of power options for traveling on the road. There are five advantages to using these extra USB ports and each one will make your life easier as you make your travels.

Driving Accessories

While traveling in your semi truck, there are numerous USB accessories that can assist you while driving. Extra USB ports installed in the front console or center console will make these ports easier to access. Enjoying beverages like coffee while on the road can be made easier by plugging in a USB coffee warmer. A small coffee warmer can be used to warm mugs or paper cups and will keep your drinks warm for hours of driving.

USB ports can also enhance your entertainment while driving. USB ports connected to your sound system make it easy to load music off an MP# player or stream music from a device like a phone. This allows you to have specific musical options while traveling through different parts of the country.

Cooling Options

During the summer months, it can get hot and uncomfortable when resting in the sleeper cab of your semi truck. By purchasing a semi truck with USB ports located near the bed, you can use USB gadgets to offer cooling and relaxation options for the summer. One of the more obvious devices is a USB-powered fan. A small fan can blow a breeze right at you while you rest. It can also help circulate air in the sleeper cab and make sleeping more comfortable. Along with fans, small air purifiers can be plugged into USB ports. These purifiers help clear out humid air and make the cab more comfortable.

Device Charging

Keep all of your devices charged and ready to go with USB ports located on small shelves or in storage areas. Phones, tablets, and portable gaming consoles can all be charged while you travel on the road. Having access to extra USB ports will make it easy to keep all the devices charged at once. You do not have to worry about constantly switching devices or checking which ones are fully charged.

Cooking Devices

A sleeper cab offers extremely limited options for cooking while on the road. Aside from a microwave, there is not much more that you can fit in the cab. Expand some of your cooking accessibility with a variety of USB gadgets. For example, some smaller grills give you the ability to cook meats like ground beef. The USB cord uses heating elements to heat the grill and prepare the surface for grilling. Other devices allow foods to stay warm through USB power.

Lighting Options

With limited space for windows, the back of a sleeper cab can get dark at night. Instead of being limited to lights in the roof of the cab, you can expand your options with USB lighting accessories. By utilizing USB ports built into the semi truck, you can add desk lamps, reading lights, and bright LED options to your cab. This makes it easy to see, access items, and use lights when they are needed. Lights that operate using LED bulbs often take a lot less power than traditional bulbs and require less work from the truck's APU.

By determining what types of gadgets you want to use on the road, you can decide how many USB ports you truly need. Some dealers may be able to expand or install additional ports before the truck is fully purchased. Head on over to a dealer like Arrow Truck Sales to see your options for buying a used truck.