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Hello, my name is Anisa. Welcome to my site about automotive maintenance and repairs. My vehicles remain in good condition due to the way I approach the maintenance process. I closely follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on timing or mileage intervals to ensure the parts are replaced on schedule. I also make sure to use the highest quality fluids to keep the parts running cool. I will use this site to explore all of the procedures you will need to complete to keep your car in good running condition. I will also talk about common repair techniques you can use to restore worn or damaged parts. Thanks for visiting.


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4 Things You Need To Know About Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is a great service that can help you when you encounter a tough situation with your vehicle. Roadside assistance is a safety feature that all drivers should have. Many different companies, from insurance providers to car companies, provide roadside assistance programs that you can sign up for.

#1 What Roadside Assistance Covers

Most roadside assistance programs cover a wide variety of different situations that you may find yourself in with with your vehicle. If you get locked out, a roadside assistance program can send a locksmith to help you get into your vehicle. If your vehicle needs a jumpstart, they can send out a tow truck to jumpstart your vehicle. If your battery is shot, they can even purchase and install a new battery for you.

Roadside assistance programs can also bring you gas if you run out and help you find the nearest gas station. If you get stuck or your vehicle is damaged, they can provide you with a tow within a certain mile radius of where your vehicle is at. They can also help you change a flat tire.

#2 Extras That Come with Roadside Assistance

Most companies that provide roadside assistance also strive to provide extra help to their customers. For example, if you need your vehicle towed to an auto shop or a tire shop, the provider may help you find the nearest auto shop and tire shop. They may make sure that the shop is open, and even provide you with tips on where to stay if you need to stay somewhere overnight while your vehicle is getting fixed.

Most companies that provide roadside assistance go above and beyond providing you with advice and insight to make sure that your vehicle and you are safe when you find yourself in a tricky vehicle situation.

#3 Roadside Assistance Travels with You

Your roadside assistance travels with you. That means that if you are in a friend's vehicle, they get a flat tire, and they don't have roadside assistance, you can use your roadside assistance coverage to get someone out to help you with the flat tire. You don't have to use your roadside assistance on your own vehicle; you can use it on any vehicle that you are in that is encountering a roadside emergency. This remains true even if you need to call in for a 4x4 recovery and your typical call wouldn't be for such an incident. 

#4 Get A Certain Number of Covered Incidents

Most roadside assistance programs provide you with a certain number of covered incidents during a six-month period. The number of coverage incidents can vary from one provider to the next. For example, you may be able to call and use your roadside assistance 2 times over 6 months without incurring any extra charges. Check with your roadside assistance provider to see how much coverage it provides you with.

As a driver and vehicle owner, it is smart to be enrolled in a roadside assistance program. Without a roadside assistance program, roadside emergencies can be costly. With a roadside assistance program, when you encounter a roadside assistance issue, you don't have to worry about paying for it, you just have to worry about taking care of the situation.