Understanding Automotive Maintenance and RepairsUnderstanding Automotive Maintenance and Repairs

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Understanding Automotive Maintenance and Repairs

Hello, my name is Anisa. Welcome to my site about automotive maintenance and repairs. My vehicles remain in good condition due to the way I approach the maintenance process. I closely follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on timing or mileage intervals to ensure the parts are replaced on schedule. I also make sure to use the highest quality fluids to keep the parts running cool. I will use this site to explore all of the procedures you will need to complete to keep your car in good running condition. I will also talk about common repair techniques you can use to restore worn or damaged parts. Thanks for visiting.


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3 Tips For Shopping Online For Used Auto Parts

If you haven't been in the market for used car parts before, you may have a false impression of what buying used car parts is like. Many people who are inexperienced with used part shopping picture ramshackle junk yards full of rusted out cars and unpleasant guard dogs. The truth is, shopping for used car parts today is a much more pleasant and streamlined experience. You may not realize it, but automotive recycling has grown into a $22 billion dollar a year business, and it's as organized as any other major industry. Read More 

5 Advantages Of Purchasing A Sleeper Cab Semi Truck With Extra USB Ports

In the past, getting power from your semi truck used to rely on car adapters, a bunch of cables, and connections to auxiliary power units (APU). Advances in technology have made it a lot easier to plug in devices, especially modern electronics that use a USB connection. As you shop for a semi truck, you want to consider the number of power options in both the front cab and the sleeper. Read More 

When Buying A Used Car, Don’t Harm Its Transmission With A Flush

Taking care of your car's transmission is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your vehicle, as the cost of repairing a malfunctioning transmission can range from $1,000 up to $3,500. If you buy a used car, however, you should forgo force flushes. It could actually do more harm than good. Instead, you should have a fluid change done. Transmission Flush vs. Fluid Change A true transmission flush is different from a transmission fluid change, although service centers might call either a flush. Read More 

8 Signs That Your Vehicle’s Brakes Need Attention

While no one likes to think about what can happen when vehicle brakes malfunction, it's important for car owners to recognize the symptoms of possible brake failure. Here are eight ways to tell if your car needs a brake service in order to keep them functioning well: Steering Wheel Vibrations If your steering wheel vibrates when you step on the brake pedal, this is probably a sign that the rotors on your brakes have worn down and it's time to get them replaced. Read More